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What is the advantage of aluminum scaffolding?

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What is the advantage of aluminum scaffolding?
What is the advantage of aluminum scaffolding?

1. Aluminum scaffolding with light, very strong aviation aluminum alloy for the material, the parts are very light weight, easy to install, handling and storage.

2. The shape and strengthen the rotatable and telescopic attachment bearing structure, applied to the external balcony, cantilever beam, variable cross-section and geometric section irregular high-rise building effect is better, more obvious features.

3. The bottom support truss is made according to the construction modulus and is connected by bolts. It is easy to disassemble and disassemble. It basically has reached the shape, assembly, standardization and versatility.

4. Lifting and use of both have a reliable two-way constraints, smooth movements, to prevent the body, overturned.

5. Aluminum scaffolding with multi-functional climbing construction, only 3 to 5 people can be used for climbing movements, saving labor costs, shorten the duration, work efficiency significantly, reduce the cost of expenditure.

6. Aluminum scaffolding to save material costs, multi-functional climbing frame only 4 to 4.5 times the floor height, according to the progress of the construction layer by layer, than the double row of scaffolding from the ground has been taken to the top to reduce the amount of steel to more than 40%.

7. Multi-functional climbing frame in the rising state, to meet the structure of the top of the construction of steel bandage, support mold, concrete pouring, and the lower mold turnover and other needs; landing to meet the decoration when the construction of the primer, plaster, Veneer, glass curtain wall installation and other requirements.

8. Aluminum scaffolding from the vertical main frame, the bottom of the support of the truss composed of the force transmission system, the joints of the rod axis intersect at a point, reasonable force, and the overall stability is good.

9. Vertical main frame for the steel frame, the vertical frame for the vertical frame of the internal limbs, set long, can not be limited by the high changes in the building layer. Installation, easy to remove; use, the outer and lower comprehensive protection, easy to civilized construction, and shape rules, smooth, beautiful.

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