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The advantages and disadvantages of scaffolding

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Good quality Steel Plank for sales
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The advantages and disadvantages of scaffolding
The advantages and disadvantages of scaffolding

1, with high efficiency features

Because of the simple, convenient and efficient design, the product is easier and safer to install and disassemble, which greatly improves the disassembly and assembly time and saves more manpower effectively. Today's discounted scaffold demolition The loading time is only one sixth of the original traditional, so more building businesses to save more manpower, material and financial resources.

2, with a more load-bearing features

In the disc buckle scaffold assembly process to achieve the pole connecting coaxial bearing mode, the node within the frame design, joints out of the bending, resistance and other mechanical design better stability of the structure, which greatly enhance the The safety features of the building support, combined with the clever combination of modern templates, make the quality more secure.

3, highlighting the prominent safety performance

To fully consider the self-gravity so the two-way self-locking ability is very prominent, then there is the buckle load outstanding conductivity, its outstanding ability to shear, bending, resistance to ensure the stability of the support surface, Greatly enhance the safety and quality of the building.

4, it's longer life

Simple design, convenient combination, stable performance, easy disassembly, so this design portfolio allows longer product life. Compared to the fastener scaffold life increased by 10 years, so the product of wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, high-strength properties of the product life expectancy relative to other products is much higher.

5, with the convenience of maintenance

Because the disc-shaped scaffolding packaging standardization, disassembly convenient, simple and practical design of the product structure, high strength and stability of materials security, easy transportation, easy to save, so largely save manpower, material and financial resources, the real Economic and environmental protection.

Of course, no matter how good things also have its shortcomings, the drawback is that the disk button scaffolding is that it should not be hard at the grassroots level, the ground is not smooth and can not be hardened concrete to build the ground; not directly in the soft soil of poor quality, Ground collapsible ground erected; it can only be used as a scaffolding floor, can not be used as a cantilevered scaffolding.

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