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Steel template precautions

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Good quality Steel Plank for sales
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Steel template precautions
Steel template precautions

⑴ before the mold, should be removed on the steel plate and the wall between the gangue debris, to prevent card model.

⑵ When the screw is not fixed or the stuck is stuck, it is forbidden to die or hard to hit the template with a bucket and a large handle.

⑶ in order to ensure the template landing synchronization, before the mold can be made in the wellhead wire rope mark, according to the mark and force at any time to adjust.

⑷ look forward to pay attention to a good center line, a slight swing to take the middle value, while looking for correcting, should ensure that crop formation.

⑸ die, the template on the gangue should be removed first. Steel template is not allowed to stand on the bottom, other staff shall not be unrelated to the work.

⑹ watering concrete, the first four watering fixed watering template, and then around the order of uniform growth, should be someone special tamping, to avoid the honeycomb, Ma and dog hole.

⑺ hanging wire rope to persecute the template five meters, the application of hose bandaged to prevent the gun collapse. Each piece of movement before the inspection, once the damage limit by the provisions of good deal.

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