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Steel pipe scaffolding feet to build the steps

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Good quality Steel Plank for sales
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Steel pipe scaffolding feet to build the steps
Steel pipe scaffolding feet to build the steps

1, first in the ground at the approximate position of the four base, adjust the lower leg, so that in a horizontal plane.

2, in the four corners on the outside of the base into the diagonal support under the part of each corner of the insert 2, a total of eight.

3, the anti-head fixed with screws on the base, pay attention to the direction of the rotation of the head and the label marked the same.

4, in the anti-head sets of sets of good.

5, the beam on the ground to connect.

6, steel scaffolding on both ends of the beam and the two sides of the two sets of sets of docking link, then the beam part of the assembly are completed on the ground.

7, the column trusses lying on the connection, and then one end of the screw in the anti-head, the other end of the screw on the cross, while the hanging hoist and cross-linked links, the role of gourd is used to enhance the following beam truss The

8, together with the column truss slowly put up, pay attention not to force too much to push the column, and then fixed on the back of the head of the screws.

9, steel scaffolding column stand up, the hanging hoist under the hook hook through the harness below the beam.

10,4 people together slowly dragging hanging hoist to pull the beam to the person's head around the position.

11, installed in the beam above the light and sound equipment.

12,4 people together to pull the hanging hoist to a predetermined height to stop.

13, the oblique support of the end and the column tightened, the other end and the base of the horizontal support tightened, so that the light frame to build completed.

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