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Steel formwork support system layout principle

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Steel formwork support system layout principle
Steel formwork support system layout principle

The supporting system of the steel formwork is arranged according to the load of the formwork and the rigidity of the components. The arrangement direction of the inner steel crucible is perpendicular to the length direction of the formwork and is directly subjected to the load transmitted by the steel formwork. The distance between the steel formwork is determined according to the load value and the mechanical properties of the formwork. .
The steel formwork support system guarantees sufficient strength and stability. In the design of the project formwork, the main considerations for the load include: the self-gravity of the formwork, the gravity and lateral pressure of the concrete, the load generated when the concrete is vibrated, the construction personnel and the implement equipment. Gravity and so on, through these main loads, calculate the most unfavorable load combination, according to this load design template and stent.
For pre-assembled templates that are used multiple times in the same project, the steel formwork and the support system are joined together into an integral formwork. The overall formwork can take different configurations depending on the location of the structure and the construction method.
When the steel formwork end joints are arranged flush, each steel formwork is provided with two supporting points, which are arranged staggered and the spacing is not limited by the position of the end joints. Proper configuration of horizontal struts and scissor braces for struts in the form of continuous and struts ensures the stability of the support system.

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