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Scaffolding maintenance of its main points?

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Scaffolding maintenance of its main points?
Scaffolding maintenance of its main points?

We all know that to maintain normal use of scaffolding, it is very important to do maintenance work. Proper maintenance can extend shelf life and is also responsible for engineering safety.

First of all, take the bowl button scaffold as an example. In the construction, we must strictly follow the planned construction to avoid unnecessary wear and tear. Some parts of the bowl buckle scaffold are easily damaged, so professionals with certain experience are required to construct it, which can effectively reduce losses and ensure the safety of operations.

Second, keep it safe. When placing scaffolds, waterproof and moisture-proof measures must be taken to prevent rust. At the same time, the discharge is orderly, which facilitates standardized management and is not likely to cause chaos or loss of accessories. Therefore, it is best to have a special person responsible for the return of the shelf, and record it at any time for use.

Third, regular maintenance. Regular anti-rust paint on the shelf, usually once every two years. Areas with relatively high humidity are required to be used once a year to ensure that the rack does not rust.

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