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Scaffolding lightning precautions

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Scaffolding lightning precautions
Scaffolding lightning precautions

First, the grounding device should be designed according to the grounding resistance limit, the soil moisture and the conductive characteristics before setting, the selection of grounding method and location, grounding and grounding, material selection, connection method, manufacture and installation requirements Make specific provisions. After the installation is completed, use the resistance meter to determine whether it meets the requirements.

Second, the location of the grounding wire should be chosen where people are not easy to reach, in order to avoid and reduce the risk of step voltage to prevent the grounding wire from mechanical damage, the grounding pole and other metal or cable should be maintained at a distance of 3 meters or more.

Third, the use of grounding device in more than 6 months, should not be used in the ground bare aluminum wire as the ground or ground wire. In highly corrosive soil, use a galvanized or copper-plated grounding pole.

Fourth, in case of lightning strike during construction, the operator on the steel scaffold should be evacuated immediately.

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