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Scaffolding laying requirements

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Good quality Steel Plank for sales
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Scaffolding laying requirements
Scaffolding laying requirements

1. The distance between the scaffolding plate and the wall, the horizontal distance between the plate and the plate shall not be more than 500px, there should be no gap and the probe plate. Scaffolding lap length of not less than 500px, peer overlap should be set double row of small bar. Double row of small bar spacing of not more than 500px.

2. Scaffolding is not allowed in the span between the joints. At the bend of the shelf, the scaffolding should be staggered overlap.

3. The scaffolding should be laid smooth two ends and tied with galvanized iron wire, uneven wood pad with flat and nailed, but not with brick pad.

4. Turn the scaffolding on the shelf, the two should be from the inside out in order. Safety belt must be hung during work, safety net should be set below.

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