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Scaffolding features

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Good quality Steel Plank for sales
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Scaffolding features
Scaffolding features

Different types of construction use different scaffolding and template support. Bridge support frame using the bowl buckle scaffolding of the majority, but also the use of door scaffolding. The main structure of the construction of scaffolding use scaffolding scaffolding majority, scaffolding pole vertical distance is generally 1.2 ~ 1.8m; span is generally 0.9 ~ 1.5m.

Scaffolding compared with the general structure, its working conditions have the following characteristics:

1, suffered a large load variability;

2, fastener connection nodes are semi-rigid, and the node rigid size and fastener quality, installation quality, node performance there is a big variation;

3, scaffolding structure, there are initial defects in the components, such as the initial bending of the bar, corrosion, erection size error, the eccentric and so on are larger;

4, with the wall of the connection point, the scaffolding of the binding variation. The study of the above problems lacks systematic accumulation and statistical data, and does not have the conditions for independent probability analysis. Therefore, the adjustment factor of the structural resistance multiplied by less than 1 is determined by calibration with the safety factor used in the past.

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