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Scaffolding erection requirements

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Good quality Steel Plank for sales
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Scaffolding erection requirements
Scaffolding erection requirements

(1) scaffolding erection should meet the relevant requirements, and should be set between the wall and a strong enough to pull the knot point, not free to increase the distance from the scaffolding or no knot.

(2) scaffolding of the foundation should be flat or add pad wood, pad, to ensure that it has sufficient bearing capacity to prevent the occurrence of the overall or local subsidence.

(3) scaffolding on the outside of the ramp and the loading platform should be set high 1m safety railing and high 450px foot or hanging protective line, and with the height of the construction increased.

(4) the laying of the scaffold to full shop, paved and paved, no hanging plate.

(5) in the scaffolding erection process, to set up a timely wall, scissors brace and the necessary rope and sling, to prevent erection during the scaffold deformation, dumping.

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