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Safe use of mobile scaffolding

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Good quality Steel Plank for sales
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Safe use of mobile scaffolding
Safe use of mobile scaffolding

For the safe use of mobile scaffolding, not only limited to the above point of knowledge, but also know that scaffolding used too long, there will be scrapped. According to the relevant laws and regulations, the following provisions of the mobile scaffolding is scrapped, you can not re-use, otherwise there will be personal life risk:

1. The welding parts are severely deformed and can not be repaired or severely corroded;

2. rails, attached bearing structure, horizontal beam frame parts, vertical main frame and other components appear serious bending;

3. Other conditions that do not meet the design requirements.

4. Bolt connection deformation, wear, serious corrosion or bolt damage;

5. spring parts deformation, failure;

6. Wire rope twisted, knotted, broken shares, wear broken wire seriously meet the retirement requirements;

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