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How to prevent the corrosion of scaffolding?

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How to prevent the corrosion of scaffolding?
How to prevent the corrosion of scaffolding?

1. hot galvanized scaffolding accessories life of 10 years or so, the surface does not require maintenance, in use without any restrictions. But the high cost, the raw materials need to be more complex. In actual use, there are many scaffolding accessories because of deformation, and other reasons, resulting in many scaffolding accessories is not good to use or even eliminated. Therefore, the overall useful life of it in about 5 years. Therefore, the use of scaffolding accessories should pay attention to maintenance, so that the useful life of more, in the use of more perfect value.

2. Split cold galvanized scaffolding parts of the surface treatment process: first pipe raw material galvanized, and then welding, welding mouth with silver anti-rust paint treatment, welding mouth and the surrounding is very easy to rust. This process, which is in the welding, because the pipe is galvanized pipe, resulting in reduced the solidity of welding a lot, in the market share is small.

3. Antirust paint Scaffolding accessories process is divided into: Invading paint scaffolding and anti-rust paint spray two, paint scaffolding is the scaffolding on the paint inside, and then removed to dry. Spraying scaffolding is the way of spraying surface anti-rust paint treatment. Anti-rust paint scaffolding needs 1 - 2 years of surface anti-rust paint maintenance, but the production cost is relatively low.

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