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Dismantling scaffolding precautions

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Dismantling scaffolding precautions
Dismantling scaffolding precautions

(1), remove the work area when the shelves, erected vigilance signs and set up a special guardianship, command of a single person, prohibit non-operating personnel into.

(2), the height of demolition shelves Operators wear safety helmets, seat belts, tie legs, wearing soft soled shoes, side allowed shelves.

(3), demolition of the pole to hold the pole and then open the last two buckles, remove the big bar, scissors props, you should first demolished the middle buckle, and then hold the middle, and then the terminal buckle.

(4), the demolition of scaffolding should have a unified command of people, from top to bottom echo, action coordination, when untied with another knot, you should notify each other to prevent crashes.

(5), the removal of the material should be tied rope with the rope, the use of the pulley slowly transported, throwing is strictly prohibited, transported to the ground material should be designated locations, with the demolition of the transport, sorting stacked, the same day demolition of the day Qing, demolition of the fastener To focus on the recovery of the bolt to be rotated with lubricating oil.

(6), the dismantling of the need to reinforce the site, should be reinforced and then removed, to prevent the collapse of frame.

(7), Do not bump into the power cord near the scaffold when dismantling to prevent the accident from happening.

(8), during the demolition process, shall not be replaced halfway, such as must be replaced when the situation should be demobilized clearly left before leaving, prohibit single removal operations.

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